Service Management

BrightGen is a Salesforce Platinum Partner providing implementation and configuration of Salesforce for our customers.  To provide continuous Return on Investment, BrightGen offer Service Management, which is at the heart of our business. We have a team of Salesforce professionals dedicated to ensuring our customers get the most from their Salesforce investment. We work in collaboration and partnership with our customers, focussing on delivering their vision, objectives and return on their investment.

How do I get my FREE Consultation?

Please complete your details and our Service Manager will contact you to make arrangements for a consultation whenever is convenient for you.

"BrightGen has exceeded all expectations, both in delivery and ongoing Service Management. I can't praise them enough."

Ed Heffernan
TT Electronics

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a bright new generation
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What’s covered by Service Management?

In short, whatever you need from us.  You’re able to tap into BrightGen’s Salesforce expertise and experience, from our Certified Admins and Developers, Sales and Service Cloud Consultants, Technical Leads right through to our industry experts and Technical Architects.  


Break/fix support is a given, but we’ll also deliver changes, small projects, continuous improvements, solution designs, workshops, help with formulating your platform roadmap, best practice advice, org health check, platform governance, user training and much more.


We provide insight to Salesforce releases and new platform features. Our CTO Keir Bowden (AKA Bob Buzzard) wades through the voluminous pages of release notes so you don’t have to and extracts the highlights. We then invite our service customers to attend our release webinars, with the Summer ‘15  webinar scheduled for Wednesday 3rd June.


For a preview of what you can expect take a look at the YouTube recording of our Spring ‘15 webinar:

You can also tap into the experience we have of delivering Salesforce solutions over the past 8 years for our current customers, incorporating evaluation and implementation of third party app exchange products, including address lookup, barcode generation, de-duplication and quote management tools.


How Can Service Management help me?

  • Salesforce expertise and experience on demand

  • Dedicated UK based service team made up of 100% BrightGen Salesforce certified employees

  • Incident, change and release management

  • Resolutions to agreed service levels

  • Changes, improvements, solutions

  • Current Org healthcheck

  • Environment management

  • Return on investment

  • Ready made solutions e.g. KPI and metrics reporting, launchpads, Advertising Sales, SMS from Salesforce, Customer portals and communities.

  • Adoption improvement strategies

  • Insight into new Salesforce releases and features

  • AppExchange product knowledge, evaluation and implementation.

  • All work capped to your budgeted hours


How does it work?


  • You buy a number of pre-paid service hours per quarter aligned to your needs and goals

  • We work with you to develop a roadmap for future activity and share our experience

  • We meet with you regularly to review, discuss and plan

  • You use your service hours (with our help) to improve your Salesforce experience

  • You raise Cases for what you need and we deliver them.

  • This gives you access to our service team Salesforce experts and the BrightGen world beyond

How do I find out more?

We are offering a FREE consultation to answer any questions you have or advise you on any aspect of your Salesforce experience.