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Advertising is now cross-media. Print, digital, social - you probably need them all. And advertisers want to be able to quickly and easily book packages that take advantage of multiple platforms. BrightMedia supports these platforms, and makes the booking process easy and quick. And, it opens up the possibility of self-service and mobile.

BrightMedia is configured to fit your business and products, saving your sales team time and allowing you to protect and grow advertising revenue. And, because it's built on Salesforce, the world’s #1 cloud platform, you can take advantage of all the benefits of cloud-based technology.


BrightMedia integrates Salesforce into the advertising sales process, supporting your sales teams by managing advertising orders from quotation through to fulfillment and billing in one seamless process.

Single view of an advertiser

See all your interactions with an advertiser in one place. Check their orders, see all your conversations and take advantage of that information to drive targeted campaigns.


Give your advertisers access to your ad sales system through customer portals. Allow them to maintain their information, see relevant availability and offers, and manage their advertising with you. Make it easier for them to do business with you. And, for consumers, enable advertising at scale through self-service and online payments.

Inventory management

Check the latest inventory through BrightMedia before taking a booking, drill into the data for specific information such as who has made the booking, and always know what’s available at the point of selling.

Reporting and analytics

Create custom reports and dashboards through the Salesforce Reports tab for all your advertising orders. Check performance with our ad-hoc reporting tool. See KPIs at a glance. And, optionally, use Wave for analytical data analysis, right on your mobile.

Ad booking on the move

Allow your sales team to make ad bookings wherever they are. Easy, wizard-based booking process, designed for mobile devices.

Greater flexibility

Set rules in line with your business today, create bundles and apply discounts. And when the next ad innovation arrives, simply update the rules to fit.

Cloud-based and integrated with Salesforce

Integration with Salesforce brings all your advertising data into one place, and at the same time giving you all the benefits of cloud-based technology, such as availability, scale, security and disaster recovery.


We have extensive experience of working with media businesses. Our projects encompass extensions to existing Salesforce implementations and complete Salesforce implementations to support CRM or customer support. Our BrightMedia ad sales solution builds on this for those customers who need a fully integrated solution for their sales teams.

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Implementing BrightMedia brings benefits to the entire team, and also to advertisers themselves.

  • Ad Operations
  • Easy product creation and management
  • Easy inventory creation and management
  • Automatic workflow and authorisation based on ad ops / product rules
  • Reduction in ad rejection due to inventory checking at order stage
  • Sales Person
  • Book multi-channel ads in a single order
  • Check available inventory before taking an order
  • Accurate and up-to-date credit info
  • Clear visibility of advertising spend by customer
  • Improved reporting
  • Mobile application showing available inventory, supporting sales ‘on the road’
  • Highly intuitive, requiring less training
  • Sales Manager
  • Prioritise sales based on available inventory
  • Ability to perform targeted marketing through branding and products
  • Speed at which new platforms, categories etc. can be created
  • Media Execs
  • Real time visibility of sales versus targets and annual trends, of product sales versus inventory, and sales team performance
  • Visibility of product actuals versus planned yield
  • Ability to direct sales targeting and product strategy
  • Finance
  • Accurate tracking of actual yields vs forecast
  • Up-to-the-minute reporting of bookings, with comparisons to other periods
  • Split digital and print revenues for reporting

  • Advertisers
  • Self-service capability
  • Access to offers and late availability deals
  • Specify interests and preferences
  • Improved visibility of orders and status
  • Easy to rerun previous advertising from saved adverts

The drive for change

Media owners are experiencing a paradigm shift in media consumption: now operating in an environment where the consumer has more choice than ever before.

The publisher's perspective

Adapting to change

The advertising market is changing with the move from traditional advertising channels to new digital channels. Sales teams are under pressure to transition from order processing to business development. Many existing systems are end-of-life or expensive to maintain.

Challenges, such as the rise of free online content aggregators, are resulting in a shift towards print publishers selling brands and monetising interactions with their consumers rather than just selling advertising space.

Understanding your marketplace and revenue streams through clear and reliable data is critical in the analysis of customer information, with a solution that consolidates facts and figures from all parts of your business being of paramount importance.

Our Process

BrightMedia is a flexible solution designed to be tailored to your exact requirements
whilst providing a base from which to implement rapidly. There are a number of steps we take with you to transition your ad sales into the cloud



We begin by understanding your product taxonomy and rules, in order to configure the solution appropriately. At this stage, we also consider the integration points and data migration.



BrightGen configure BrightMedia for your products, rules and processes. We integrate to billing, fulfilment (print and/or digital) and other systems. We configure the Salesforce solution to your needs, test and prepare you for live operation.



The solution is now tested and your users are trained on the new platform. We now perform any final data migration and switch over to the new solution. We provide any post-implementation support required to ensure a smooth transition.



Backed by our Service Management team, we provide ongoing support, roadmapping and continuous improvement. As we develop new features, we can deploy these to your Salesforce org to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

Our customers

Browse the logos below and learn more about who we've worked with in the Media industry

The Guardian

The Guardian

Implementation of Service Cloud and Sales Cloud (including data migration), digital membership scheme, rota management and BrightMedia.
Nature Publishing Group

Nature Publishing Group

Implementation of Case Handling, public FAQ, KPI reporting, dashboards and data migration to support new functionality.
Business Monitor International

Business Monitor International

Sales, subscription management and Magento webshop process integrated into Salesforce with multi-currency and price management functionality.

Trinity Mirror Digital Recruitment

Provision of BrightGen's Service Management offering to their existing Salesforce org, to bring continuous improvements and enhancements to their operation.
Harper Collins Publishers

Harper Collins

Implementation of Service Cloud and CTI for their call centre to achieve a single customer view. A second project phase has delivered integration to live customer orders and stock information.
Universal Music

Universal Music

Full Sales Cloud implementation with artist and project data customisation, and integration of Brand Partnerships Organisation to provide a global platform for partnership delivery.
Northern and Shell

The Express

Complete Sales Cloud implementation, together with BrightMedia for both print and digital. Integrated with DFP and MediaPlanner.
Vue Cinemas

Vue Cinemas

Implementation of Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Knowledge Base to provide customers with an improved contact centre experience. This included raising cases from social interactions.

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