What is Salesforce Quote-to-Cash?

Salesforce Quote-to -Cash is a powerful CPQ tool said to help improve accuracy of quotes and make it easier to generate customised proposals and contracts. And because it's built on Salesforce you can also benefit from improved billing processes and get great insights from reports and analytics.

But how does it work in practice? And how easily can you benefit from enviable improvements like 85% reduction in time to quote?

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  • What is CPQ in general and Salesforce Quote-to-Cash specifically?
  • What business challenges can be solved with CPQ?
  • How does it work in practice? View the demo
  • How can you get started with CPQ?

  • Is this Webinar for me?

    If your business produces proposals, quotes or contracts, then you could potentially benefit from Salesforce Quote-to-Cash. View the webinar to find out more.

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